Juwel Rio 125 from Grosvenor Tropicals

Juwel's Rio range of traditionally proportioned aquariums feature a modern all-glass construction with Black silicon joints and finished in a tough moulded uPVC trim. An integral moulded stress bracket ensures that the tank does not distort even with demanding decor setups

Finish and equipment listing is identical to other Juwel ranges and includes heater, circulating pump and filter media The Rio 125 also comes with Juwel's new Hi-lite T5 lighting as standard.

A matching 2-door cabinet is available in any of the four standard finishes, White, Beech, Black or Dark Wood.

All Juwel Rio, Vision, Lido and Trigon aquariums are easily converted to "Marine" by the addition of Juwel marine spectrum T5 light tubes and skimmer.


Capacity 125 Litres
Size 81 x 36 x 50 cm
Lighting Hi-lite 80 cm 2 x 28 Watt T5
Heater 100 Watt
Pump 600 lph
Cabinet Stand 81 x 36 x 73 cm

All Juwel aquariums are supplied complete with integral hood/lighting, internal power filter and combined heater/thermostat. Manufactured to typical German engineering standards all components are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty. (Excludes florescent tubes). Special Offers on the 'Rekord' range exclude Cabinet or Pedestal stands.


  • Manufactured in Rotenburg, Northern Germany Juwel have been producing aquariums since 1969 and were the first to introduce Silicon sealant, and in 2000, robotic assisted assembly lines.

    Juwel History Photo


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