Juwel Rekord 700 from Grosvenor Tropicals

For more than a decade the Rekord range has been the classic introduction for thousands of fish keepers. The Rekord 700 is a new addition to the line, and is an excellent starter aquarium.

It replaces the Rekord 60 and 70 models, with increased capacity and improved filtration and lighting all in the same footprint.

All glass construction with black silicone joints the range has proved to be highly durable and fantastic value for money.

All the working components in this aquarium are cleverly concealed within Juwel's integral "Filter Housing" for that prefect combination... Great Performance AND Easy Maintenance.


Capacity 64 Litres
Size 61 x 31 x 46 cm
Lighting Mono-lux 60 ... 1 x 15W T8
Heater 100 Watt
Pump 400 lph
Optional Pedestal Stand 51 x 31 x 63 cm
Optional Cabinet Stand 61 x 31 x 73 cm

All Juwel aquariums are supplied complete with integral hood/lighting, internal power filter and combined heater/thermostat. Manufactured to typical German engineering standards all components are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty. (Excludes florescent tubes). Special Offers on the 'Rekord' range exclude Cabinet or Pedestal stands.


  • Manufacturing aquariums for over 45 years Juwel list quality and safety as top priorities in the production of all their products.

    Juwel History Photo


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