Juwel Free Cabinet Offers May - June

Juwel Aquariums

Current offers are available on following aquariums untill the end of June 2016

All Juwel Aquariums off 125 Litre and above are supplied complete with Automatic Heater, Bi-flow Filtration and twin T5 Hi-light lighting units. (Aquariums 300 litre and above are supplied with 2 x twin light units i.e. 4 tubes)

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  • Manufactured in Rotenburg, Northern Germany Juwel have been producing aquariums since 1969 and were the first to introduce Silicon sealant, and in 2000, robotic assisted assembly lines.

    Juwel History Photo


  • Setting up you first Tank
  • Understanding Filters
  • Water Quality & Testing
  • Heaters and Lights
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Live Plants or Plastic
  • Moving to Marines
  • Keeping Cool
  • ASBO's for Fish