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Nutrafin Plant Food


One of the complaints with the Beersbridge shop was that it was simply to small to display all the products which we had on offer.  In Lisburn things are very different with almost 3000 Sq Feet for tank displays alone, it is vast improvement.  Not only is it bright and airy, but we have been ably to add decor to the exhibits for that extra touch of realism, and perhaps some ideas to try yourself at home.

Aquarium Display in 1st Floor Showroom

We have also been able to extend our range of products with many new and exciting designs from around the world. As well as UK manufactured aquariums we also stock units from Germany, Poland, Portugal as well as Canada and USA and the Far East.

All our products are genuine, carry full manufactures warranties and are supported by a comprehensive range of spares and accessories. We do not stock 'Gray Imports'