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Ponds have been around for thousands of years in almost every civilization around the globe.  The ancient Pharaohs of Egypt had fabulous ornate pools in their palaces as a link to the River God of the Nile.  In India the great Moguls had formal ponds and lakes on a grand scale to reflect their power and wealth, and of course the oriental rulers are attributed with the development of ornamental fish as an Art Form.  Indeed throughout history there are records of ponds and water features  throughout the civilised world. 

Today in the UK we have more ponds than every before, with possibly 10% of the population having some form of water feature in their garden.  For many, what starts as a simple 'Water Feature' develops into a pond or pool, often home to many of the varieties of ornamental fish.  What has changed in recent years is the range and quality of equipment available to the pond enthusiast.

Modern materials and design has not only revolutionised pond building, but has brought this fascinating hobby within the capabilities of most DIY gardeners and landscapers.   At Grosvenor Tropicals we have a wide range of equipment always in stock. This is backed by a comprehensive after sales service and supported by experienced staff who are pond builders themselves.




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