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Aqua-Ray Solid-state Lighting


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The very latest solid state lighting system from TMC. Using ultra intense LED (light emitting diodes) these units consume only 12 watts of energy, yet give a light output around 33% greater than a typical 24 watt compact fluorescent tube.

Life expectancy is 50,000 hours (6 times that of a standard fluorescent) with very little change in the light spectrum and only about 20% drop in output.

Image showing Aqua-ray LED Lighting Systems AquaRay lighting delivers a directed, or "point" source of light, and the passage of this light through water is comparable with what would be seen in nature under direct sunlight. This produces a more natural and eye-catching shimmer effect in the aquarium itself, something until now, could only be replicated with very powerful (and expensive) light sources such as metal halides.

AquaRay Solid State Lighting Systems have so many advantages over traditional lighting systems and can be used on all types of aquarium setups, from tropical to reef tanks.

When you first install an AquaRay light unit above your tank you will immediately see the main benefit of this new technology. Available now from Grosvenor Tropicals, call and see our display units in operation


AquaBeam 500 Single:         1 x 12w aquarium lighting strip £ 109.00
AquaBeam 500 DuoTwin:     2 x 12w aquarium lighting strips £ 179.00