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Getting Started

If you are reading this, then it's possible that as a first time fish keeper you are seeking advice on aquarium selection, so we'll  start at the beginning. The first question is "What type of Fish do you want to keep?, and yes, we know the usual answer, "the type that swim in water", so I'll rephrase the question.

Do you want to keep Coldwater Fish, Tropical Fish, or Tropical Marine Fish. In general your choice will determine not only the minimum recommended size of tank, but also what additional equipment that you will need to go with it. 

Coldwater and Tropical are basically the same with only a heater required to keep the Tropical tank at a minimum temperature. Marine is a little more involved, and although not beyond the complete novice, it is a little easier if you have some tropical experience to fall back on.

Boyu Marine SetupWhichever type of fish you decide to keep there is some common equipment that you will need. All aquariums need some method of filtration to process the fish's waste. Lighting is another common component, and even Coldwater fish sometimes need a heater to prevent the water from getting TOO cold. The size of your aquarium will determine the size and number of fish that you can keep, with the generalization that bigger is better.

At Grosvenor, we can supply almost any size or shape of aquarium you might want, but might we suggest that, as a beginner, you should consider one of the Aquarium Packages which we have on offer. As well as being the most cost effective, you have the added assurance that all the components are compatible and covered by a comprehensive guarantee. With many of our Marine set-ups we even include the Salt Water to fill the aquarium.