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Setting up your Aquarium

Having got your new aquarium home, the first thing to decide is where to put it. This is not usually a big issue, but there are a couple of points to consider.

If you purchased a Cabinet or Pedestal Stand with the tank, then it only remains to decide whereabouts in the room to position it. It's best to keep it away from drafts, anywhere it might get knocked over, and away from the window and direct sunlight. Also, make sure that the tank and cabinet is on a level and firm surface. An uneven surface can cause the Cabinet to twist or distort under the weight of the water, and may cause the tank to crack.

If you are planning to set it on existing furniture, just make sure that it can take the weight. 1 Litre of water weights 1 Kg, so even a smallish beginners tank can weight quite a lot when full. Same as above, make sure that the tank is properly supported or it may crack.

Next job is to get the gravel in, (remember to wash it first), add any decor items and fill the tank with water. Many tanks have a "Fill Line", but if in doubt fill so that the water level is just hidden by the top trim. Don't forget to add de-chlorinator if your using Tap Water.

Empty Fish TankFit the heater, filter and circulation pump, making sure that they are properly submerged before switching on. Most heaters come preset to temperatures around 24-26C and this is fine for most fish.

You were probably disappointed when you bought the tank to be told that you could not put any fish in it for about a week. This is to allow time for the water to de-gass and the heater to raise the water to a stable temperature. It also gives you a chance to make sure everything is working properly before the fish arrive.