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Nutrafin Plant Food

Food Sticks and Pellets

Tetra Doromin

Larger tropical fish, such as cichlids and large barbs, find it harder to eat small flakes. TetraDoromin is a stick food that contains all of the goodness of Tetramin, in a form that is easy for large fish to eat. The sticks soften on contact with the water, making them highly palatable, but do not fall apart like some inferior foods.


Tetra Doromin Aquariam Floating Food Sticks

Tetra Fin Sticks

All the goodness and nutrition of TetraFin in a stick format, which is easier for young children to use. TetraFin Sticks are also ideal for larger goldfish, who find it easier to feed on a few larger items than smaller flakes

Tetra Fin Goldfish Flakes

JMC Catfish Pellets

JMC Catfish Pellets are a specially formulated sinking pellet. Ideal for all tropical and coldwater bottom feeding fish. Analysis: Oil 12% Protein 48% Ash 8% Fibre 1.3%.

JMC Catfish Pellets

Holiday Feeding Blocks

The Pyramid Fish Feeder will automatically feed your fish when you're on vacation. Features a patented secret chamber containing tubifex worms which opens half-way through the feeding cycle. Will feed 20 average sized fish in a 10 gallon tank for 7-10 days. For freshwater or saltwater fish.



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