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Nutrafin Plant Food

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The complete range of foods and supplements for all types of fish as well as treatments for most common ailments.  Not only do we stock the full spectrum of traditional dried foods, but also an extensive choice of frozen foods to suit most varieties of tropical and marine species.  We have recently extended or range to include some selected live foods for common reptile species.

Many of our customers routinely purchase water from our own in-house Purification and Reverse Osmosis systems, or ready-mixed salt water.  These are the waters which we use ourselves in the shop and are available at the modest cost of £2.00 per 25 litres of purified or RO water, or £4.00 per 25 litres of salt water.  For users who are unable to collect their water from the shop, or who's usage makes it impractical, we can supply the hardware to set up your own purification or RO plant ranging from a few gallons per day right up to full industrial units.

We also carry a full range of water testing kits, as well as medication for most of the common ailments found in freshwater and marine fish.


Food and Healthcare