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Nutrafin Plant Food

Flake Foods and Crisps


The world´s best selling tropical fish food. TetraMin contains all of the nutrients needed for health, colour and vitality. In addition, its high digestibility and balanced formula means that less ammonia and solid waste is produced, helping to maintain excellent aquarium conditions.


TetraMin Flake Food

Tetra Pro Colour

For freshwater fish keepers who want to feed the very best diet possible, TetraPro Colour is a premium daily food with the added benefit of extra colour enhancement. Concentrated Colour Crisps contain additional carotenoids to promote stunning natural coloration.

Tetra Pro Colour

Tetra Pro Crisps

Premium food for all tropical fish. Superior nutrition for improved condition and extra energy. High quality omega-3 fatty acids for extra energy and health. High quality proteins for strong muscles and excellent condition.

Tetra Pro Crisps

Aquarian Tropical Flakes

Aquarian Tropical Flakes are specially formulated with natural ingredients to meet the unique requirements of tropical freshwater fish. The Aquarian Tropical Flakes offer a complete balanced diet for healthy, active tropical fish.


Aquarian Tropical

Aquarian Goldfish Flakes

Complete balanced diet for goldfish contains all necessary proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals. Eagerly eaten, minimizing fish waste & pollution caused by uneaten fish food. Enhances colour. Easy-open, easy-to-use can.

Aquarian Goldfish