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Nutrafin Plant Food


Without doubt the most important aspect of successful fishkeeping, yet often the least understood.  As aquarists we take fish from their native habitat and pack them into a small glass tank to swim around in their own waste, and expect them to behave as if nothing had happened.  Yes, I am being a little melodramatic, but it is essentially the truth.

Filtration does not change this, but can go a long way to simulating the fish's natural habitat and providing a better quality of life.  Only under such conditions can we expect our pets to be at their best, healthy and vigorous with full open fins and vibrant colours.

Today's filters are the result of decades of research and practical testing and offer excellent value and performance, whatever the size of your aquarium.   The variety of models available can be a little overwhelming, but in reality they all do the same job, thought in slightly different ways.  As such it is difficult to recommend one type over another, each have their own Pro's and Con's.

If you already understand the operation then please continue on to the product listings in the right-hand menu.  If you would like to learn more about filtration, or to judge for yourself the benefits of each type then please have a look at our Guide to Understanding Filtration on the bottom of the menu.

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