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Fluval Cji and Edge AquariumsManufactured by Canadian pet giant Rolf C Hagen Fluval aquariums offer modern contemporary design and excellent value for money.

Suitable for the beginner and expert alike, the Spec, Chi and Edge ranges are the prefect solution where space is limited, or for those who simple want a more compact aquarium for their office, desk or work top.

For those who prefer more traditional styles the Roma and Vicenza ranges are available in sizes from 90 - 260L and are complete with heater, filtration and twin-tube lighting.

Recent introductions to the line are the innovative Fresh and Reef ranges featuring clean lines, discrete filtration and powerful LED full-spectrum lighting to compliment the aquariums inhabitants.

Designed for the freshwater fish keeper the Fresh's lighting is designed to encourage active plant growth while the canister filtration, cleverly concealed in the cabinet, provides highly effect, and quite, filtration.

Using the same technology as other top-of-the-range aquariums the Reef series focuses on the needs of the marine keeper with its efficent Protien Skimmer and Reef spectrum LED lighting.

Fluval Roma Range