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Clearseal Edgeline

Clearseal EdgelineIntroduced as part of their 2014 collection the Edgeline tropical aquarium combines modern design with flexible set-up options.

An open top "brace less" design makes the Edgeline a great choice for those who would like to create a planted aquarium, allowing easy access for maintenance and cleaning and providing the foundation for the addition of your chosen lighting, filtration and heating.

The Edgeline comes complete with sturdy cabinet made from 36mm board, providing ample storage for discreet concealment of accessories and maintenance materials, and creating an ideal space for those wishing to include an external filter in their set-up.

The cabinet can be customised to suite a range of modern home decors. The doors are available in a number of finishes and feature un-sprung hinges and touch catch closure, providing a modern appearance.


Clearseal Edgeline Tropical Aquarium