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Clearseal Aquariums

Available in a range of options these UK manufactured aquariums offer top quality and excellent value-for-money.

Clearseal Lifespace MarineAs well as a standard and custom sized range of "Bare" all-glass tanks, more comprehensive systems are available in a choice of open or closed top hoods and marine orientated set ups with sump tanks concealed in quality cabinets.

Available in standard lengths from 24" to 96" and a range of colour options from traditional wood finishes to matt black, white or silver. Gloss finishes include White, Black and Red.

Customers can specify everything from exact dimensions for length, height and depth to location of the weir, Black, Blue or Clear background and even the colour of the silicon.

Many of the standard sizes are available from stock but custom sizes and configurations are available to order.


Clearseal Red Finish