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Aquael Classic

As the name suggests this is the 'Classic' 60 aquarium set and is complete with all the necessary equipment go get going, requiring only the addition of decor as per your Aquael Classicpersonal taste.

It is a complete set with:

  • 1x15W light
  • internal filter
  • 75W heater.

The cover has been manufactured in injection molding technology providing stiffness, durability and a solid look. The usage of electronic lighting components eliminates the effect of heating the water in the tank, ensures fluent operation of the fluorescent lamps (eliminates the effect of flickering) and extends the time of their operation. This IP67 lighting is carefully situated in the hood. With a hinged feeding hatch to make looking after your fish easy.

Size: L60 x W30 x H30cm H39 cm (with hood) ......................................£59.99

Aquael Interior Decor