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Photo Galleries

We often hear the phrase "A Picture paints a thousand words", and while it may be a very old cliché, it is nevertheless true, and one of the reasons we have chosen to display so many on our web site. In this respect we are fortunate to have photographers amongst our staff, so we do have access to a large library of images to chose from.

Many of our customers like to browse these photographs, so we have put together some galleries and slide shows to better display them for your enjoyment. Those images which were taken by our own staff are available for download as medium resolution jpeg's, or can be requested as high resolution files by email.

Mouse Scrolling Menu InstructionsWe are always looking for ways to improve our web site, both in terms of content, and usability. This is particularly important in the "browse for pleasure" sections such as our Photo Galleries. Our editor has been working hard to provide picture albums which are not only good to look at, but also easy to navigate.

All the new picture galleries will use mouse-over scrolling to display the thumbnails in the side menu.

Moving the mouse over the bottom thumbnails will cause the images to scroll upwards. Moving over the top thumbnails will cause the images to scroll downwards. Clicking on a thumbnail will display the full size picture in the centre of the page.

Most fish keepers, at some time or other, have gotten the camera out and had a go at photographing their tanks. Difficult isn't it? To help you get some better shots we've asked one of our photographers to do a page on some of the do's and don'ts of aquarium photography, hopefully you'll find it interesting and helpful.

Click on the Film Strip or Nikon Logo for the photography tips page.