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Customers Tanks

Once a tank is sold we seldom get the opportunity to see how its develops and matures. Obviously we hear from our regular customers as to how it has settled in and what fish they are keeping, but its not quite the same as seeing for yourself. When Maurice, one of our marine customers, brought some photos of his tank into the shop we thought everyone would enjoy a look.

Since then the idea has proved to be a hit, and many others are interested in showing off their acheivemens. If you would like to showcase you own tank then please email the details along with some photos and we will upload them to the website.

The photos don't have to be big, or perfect. We can adjust them for the best on-screen display, and even include a copyright watermark if you so wish, although most amateur photographers are flattered to have their photos copied.!

If you would like to give it a try then email the details to

Customers Tank