Beginners Choice

Newcomers to the hobby, especially those with a new aquarium and looking for their first fish, are often upset when we steer them away from certain well known species, pointing them instead to other "less glamorous?" varieties. Especially so if they have their hearts set on owning one of those "cute little puffer fish", or a 'Fighter', or perhaps even the infamous 'Piranha'. Don't despair, its just that some fish are less demanding then others and offer the beginner the best change of success while they learn.

Nor should you be put off by the term "Beginners Fish", these are every bit as colourful and exciting as the more exotic species, they are simply more hardy, easily fed and generally fairly cheap. They also have the advantage of being largely non-aggressive and unlikely to limit your choice of future specimens once you have got your filter cycled.

While not an exhaustive list here are a few candidates for consideration