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Grosvenor Tropicals fully endorsees the OATA's policy on the humane  treatment of livestock. We may refuse any sale where we believe that a customer cannot provide a suitable environment for care of that species.

We do not supply Goldfish for use as prizes at Fetes, Fun Fairs or other events.


Members of the Melanotaeniidae family they are small and colourful freshwater fish, most of which are native Australia, New Guinea and the surrounding Islands.

Most of the family is less than 4” (10cm), and as a peaceful shoaling fish make an excellent addition to a community aquarium They are tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, hardy, easy to feed and breed easily in captivity.

Although young specimens can appear somewhat dull the reflective and stunning colours which give this fish its name soon develop as the fish matures. The natural habitat of Rainbowfish is rich in aquatic vegetation and a well planted aquarium is much appreciated. As these are an active fish there should also be plenty of free swimming space, and a closed top to prevent the occasional energetic leap ending in disaster.

In the wild Rainbowfish are omnivorous, feeding on small crustaceans, algae, insects and larvae, and in captivity will accept a wide range of foods including floating flakes, granules, bloodworms and Brine shrimp.