Often grouped together with the Loaches, and indeed displaying some similar characteristics', many aquarists get the impression that Catfish and Loaches are very closely related.  However this is not the case, in fact both groups are more closely related to their common cousins, the Carp, than they are to each other. 

So, lets start with the catfish.!  What is a Catfish?       Generally Catfish are bottom dwellers who forage in the bottom detritus for their diet of worms, crustaceans and decaying plant and animal matter. There are more than 2200 species in 31 family groups ranging in size and temperament from gentle miniatures only a few millimeters long to veracious predators over 3 metre and several hundred Kilos, more likely to eat the fisherman than the other way around and not the sort of pet to keep at home.


A good job this one did not get away, do you think anyone would have believed them?

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