Anabantids (Gourami & Siamese Fighter)

Anabantids, classified as "Labyrinth Fish" include many more species than just the Gourami and the Siamese Fighter but these are readily recognized names to include in the title.

This family belongs to the Order Labyrinthici and characterized by the presence of a second breathing apparatus in addition to their normal gills, a labyrinth of blood enriched tissue in the back of their head. Often found in shallow overgrown pools and ditches with very little dissolved Oxygen in the water, these fish can rise to the surface and take a small bubble of air which they hold in the labyrinth organ.

Over a period of a few minutes they slowly absorb Oxygen from the air bubble directly into their blood and replace it with Carbon Dioxide before rising again to the surface to expel the old bubble and take a fresh one. And off course in nature nothing is wasted, during breeding the male fish use the expelled bubbles to build a Bubble-nest and entice a suitable female to release her eggs into it. He then fertilizes the eggs and seals them in with more bubbles until they hatch.

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