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Grosvenor Tropicals fully endorsees the OATA's policy on the humane  treatment of livestock. We may refuse any sale where we believe that a customer cannot provide a suitable environment for care of that species.

We do not supply Goldfish for use as prizes at Fetes, Fun Fairs or other events.

Specimen Fish

Although most aquarists still prefer Community Tank setups, more and more of you are venturing into specimen and species tanks for the more unusual inhabitants. Hardly surprising, given the thousands of species which are unsuitable for life in the community tank, but which are exquisite when housed in an appropriate environment.

On the down side, it can be very difficult to obtain reliable information on what is an "appropriate environment" and how to achieve it. It can even be frustrating just to find out which species are available. As those of you who have been customers for a long time will know, many of the rarest specimens never appear in the shop displays, either because they are too sensitive, or have such specialist requirements that we are unable to house them properly.

So how do you get to know what is available, and where do you get information on how to keep them? Simple, check here in this new section. Over the coming months we will be highlighting the more specialist fish which are available and offering some practical advice on their husbandry. We will also be posting as many photographs as we can find, so even if you just want a brief insight into the lives of these more unusual creatures then this is the section for you. We will also be posting some articles on fish unusual enough to make the News and here are a few to get you started

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