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Grosvenor Tropicals fully endorsees the OATA's policy on the humane  treatment of livestock. We may refuse any sale where we believe that a customer cannot provide a suitable environment for care of that species.

We do not supply Goldfish for use as prizes at Fetes, Fun Fairs or other events.

Pike Cichlids

Like many fish families, species which are of similar appearance tend to be grouped together, irrespective of any scientific basis for such a grouping, and so it is with the Pike Cichlids.

While some are more closely related than others, it is true to say that they do share two predominant traits, they are very aggressive, and they tend to grow quite large. It is also fair to say that they are not a community fish, even their body shape suggests an ambush predator which lays in wait, ready to rush out and grasp any unsuspecting pray which happens along.

Best housed singly in a large tank with bog wood or rock crevices where they can lurk menacingly while awaiting their daily feed of whitebait or other fishy tit bits. The occasional live food is also very much appreciated.