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Chameleon Whiptail Catfish Pseudohemiodon apithanos

Distributed throughout the upper reaches of the Amazon and San Miguel river systems of Brazil and Ecuador, as well as the Rio Itaya and Rio Alejandro river systems of Peru these peaceful fish are members of the Loricariidae family.

Chameleon Whiptail Catfish (Pseudohemiodon apithanus)

Growing to about 18cm (7”) they enjoy soft clear flowing water at temperatures between 26º - 28ºC (78º - 82ºF) and with a pH 6.4 – 7.6. A striking and unmistakable fish it will change colour to virtually all black when disturbed.


Clearseal Custom Tank

Normal coloration is a light gray background with a black line running from the snout, between the eyes and broadening into a band around the dorsal area. Another band appears along the back and the tail fin is black. It is reported that mature males will carry egg clutches on their slightly protruding lower lip. There are no other known means of sexing this species.  

This species likes bury itself so a fine substrate is preferred, ideally sand. They have also been found amongst leaf litter on the streambed which is probably where the ‘chameleon’ aspect originates.  In the aquarium they will accept algae wafers and sinking tablets as well as bloodworm and brine shrimp. They are peaceful and non-territorial, even amongst it’s own kind.