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Riccardia graeffei

Family Ricciaceae
Origin Asia
Height 1-3 cm
Width 3-5+ cm
Light very low-very high
Temperature 15-28 °C
Hardness medium-
pH Range 5,5-9
Growth very slow
Catalogue No. 003D


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Riccardia graeffei

Riccardia graeffei has previously been sold as 003N ''various mosses'' but now, this liverwort has been positively identified. Riccardia graeffei is a moss speciality on driftwood that has obtained huge popularity in Japan. Its growth form is quite similar to Monosolenium tenerum but it is a lot smaller. Riccardia graeffei is slow growing and difficult, and algae-eating fishes are disturbing its growth even if they are not directly eating the moss itself. When using CO2, the moss will grow into a spectacular cushion in the aquarium but it needs regular trimming in order to maintain its beauty. It seems that there is some confusion related to its common name but ''Coral Pellia'' and ''Mini Pellia'' seem to be among the more popular names for Riccard

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