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Thank you all for your patience while we got the Plant section up and running, but now at last we can offer your a full selection of top quality specimens in-store.  What's more, we can also offer an ordering service for those more exotic or hard-to-get species. 

Most of the plants on display are from 'Tropica' in Denmark, the worlds largest supplier of tropical and aquarium plants.    We will as always, continue to import the more common species normally found on display in the shop, but customers who wish to order specific species can give the details to our staff who will include it in the next order. 

Orders are normally processed by the end of each week and forwarded to Tropica's 11,000 square metre nursery in Denmark.  Come Tuesday morning the livestock is packed in specially designed cartons ready to start it's journey to Lisburn, and normally arrives at the Riverside Centre around midday on Wednesday.

In the following pages you will find the details of over 200 different species which are available, as well as several articles and guides published by Tropica on everything from basic husbandry to research expeditions to discover new species, well worth reading.   You may be surprised to learn that its not just your fish who are fussy about water quality.!

All the species are listed alphabetically by their scientific names, and yes, some of you may find that confusing. It is however the only way to do it, not only are many plants known by several different  names, but many common names are used to describe differing species, or even different families altogether.   With the scientific name you know exactly what you are getting.