Designing Your Plant Layout

Tropica warmly recommends the use of open plant aquariums, because they provide many more dimensions than closed aquariums. For instance, true justice can only be done to the beauty of floating plants if they live in open aquariums. And in open aquariums plants can grow above the surface and produce aromatic flowers. Finally, open aquariums enable you to view your underwater garden from above.

Stage One

Stage Two

Stage Three

All Tropica’s plants are supplied with a small label stating how big they are expected to grow. Position the tallest plants behind the group of plants on stones and roots, and the lower plants in front of them. Finally, you can plant a so-called "solitary plant" in plenty of open space so it can reveal its full glory.

Gaps in your planting scheme are a good idea - they help create a sense of depth. The most decorative effect can be achieved by choosing plants with different shades and leaf shapes. But try not to have too many different plants.

Many plants are most attractive (and flourish best) when planted in groups. But no matter whether you start with an open or closed aquarium, the best results are always achieved by observing a few simple rules when designing your planting scheme.

To achieve a sense of depth the bottom should slope up towards the back pane of the aquarium. Start by arranging a number of plants in the middle of the aquarium so they are in balance with each other.

Tropica’s plants on stones or roots are particularly suitable for this purpose, because they are easy to move around with a view to achieving the most harmonious effect.

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