Tropica Plant Sticker Explained





1. The price group placed on the right is for the potted plants. The price group on the left is for the XL plants.

2. Botanic plant name.

3. The plants are illustrated by hand painted watercolours. The colours may not be exactly the same as those of the living plants. Our painter tries to make the illustrations show the different plant characteristics, without loosing the feeling of art. The illustrations do not reflect the size of the various plants in relation to each other. Please see the information about height and width.

4. Light requirements. The two light bulbs indicate the minimum and maximum requirements for the plant in the aquarium. Tropica use 5 categories of light: Very low, Low, Medium, High, Very high.

See the illustration on the right. A standard aquarium light will supply the plants with medium illumination. Plants that require high and very high illumination will not grow well without an additional light source.

If the other growing conditions are in order, the plant grows well in the range stated. A great number of factors influence the light conditions (e.g. is the plant free-standing or is it in the shadow of other plants). The use of fluorescent lighting and reflectors also has an impact. Lighting should be supplied 10-12 hours a day.

5. Size. Height and Width are indicated in cm. The range shows the average height and width after about 2 months in the aquarium with normal growing conditions. A '+' sign after the height or width figure indicates that the plant may grow much higher/wider in favourable conditions such as light and nutrients.

6. Region. Aquatic plants can be found all over the world. But fare the most plants will be found in the tropics.

7. Water hardness. Tropica has divided the hardness into 4 categories. Soft: GH 0-6 dh Medium: GH 7-13 dh Hard: GH 14-20 dh Very hard: GH >20 dh

8. Growth rate can be used when choosing plants for the aquarium. The plants are rated in five categories: Very slow, Slow, Medium, Fast, Very fast.

9. Tropica number. This number is used for ordering the Tropica plants.

10. Temperature stated in oC. If other growing conditions are in order, the plant grows well in the range stated. The optimum temperature is in the middle of the range. Many plants can grow at higher temperatures if more light is supplied.

11. pH tolerance. Acidic: pH 5 - 6,5 Neutral: pH 6,5 - 7,5 Alkaline: pH 7,5 - 9

12. This is an indication of how demanding the plant is in terms of growing. Tropica has divided the plants in to four categories: Easy, Medium, Difficult, Very difficult.

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