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Nesaea crassicaulis

Family Lythraceae
Continent Africa
Region Africa
Origin Africa
Height 30-50 cm
Width 8+ cm
Light high-very high
Temperature 22-28 °C
Hardness very soft-medium
pH Range 5,5-8,5
Growth medium
Demands difficult
Catalogue No. 033B


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Nesaea crassicaulis

Nesaea crassicaulis is a beautiful and highly recommended aquarium plant, although it has high demands for light. It has red-brown, cognac-coloured leaves. Grows best in soft and slightly acidic water. Make sure the lower leaves get sufficient light, otherwise they will die off. This plant is similar to Ammannia species and is often mistaken for them. But in the aquarium it can be recognised by its yellow-green stems. Easy to propagate by side shoots or cuttings, which can be cut off and planted in the bottom.

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