An alternative to Co2 Gas bottles, the CarboPlus uses a small electrical

Carbo-Plus Co2 Generator

current to generate O2 by electrolysis, which then combines with the carbon in the carbon plate to form carbon dioxide.

Limnophila aromatica

Family Scrophulariaceae
Continent Asia
Region South-east Asia
Origin South-east Asia
Height 25-50 cm
Width 5-8 cm
Light high-very high
Temperature 22-28 °C
Hardness very soft-medium
pH Range 5-7
Growth slow
Demands difficult
Catalogue No. 047B


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Limnophila aromatica

There are several varieties of this plant. The variety grown by Tropica is said to come from Malaysia. It is characterised by its narrow green leaves, which are purple underneath. Like most other red plants, the colour depends on a supply of intensive light. CO2 addition promotes growth significantly, and it also thrives in hard water. Limnophilla aromatica is easy to propagate by cuttings.

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