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Juncus repens

Family Juncaceae
Continent North America
Region USA
Origin USA
Height 7-30 cm
Width 5-7+ cm
Light low-very high
Temperature 15-30 °C
Hardness very soft-hard
pH Range 5 - 8
Growth medium
Demands medium
Catalogue No. 133F


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Juncus repens

Juncus repens is widespread in shallow water and along the banks of ponds and lakes in North America. In an aquarium Juncus repens is decorative and distinguishes itself from other aquatic plants. If it grows under water, Juncus repens forms leaves in rings, and, depending on its growth conditions, it often develops a thick, bushy habit. The leaves are normally light green, but in good light the underwater form of Juncus repens most frequently becomes reddish. New shoots form willingly from the nodes, so Juncus repens is easy to propagate.

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