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Echinodorus 'Aquartica'

Family Alismataceae
Continent Cultivar, South America
Origin Cultivar
Height 10-20+ cm
Width 10-20+ cm
Light low-high
Temperature 18-28 °C
Hardness soft-hard
pH Range 6,5-8
Growth slow
Demands easy
Catalogue No. 074f


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Echinodorus 'Aquartica'

Characteristic of Echinodorus 'Aquartica' are its round, bright green leaves. Its compact, low habit makes it suitable as a decorative solitary plant. Slow growing and easy to care for, Echinodorus 'Aquartica' retains the refreshing green colour of its leaves in normal lighting and nutrient conditions in the aquarium. The plant is a cross between several different cultivated plants, including E. horemanii and several round-leafed Echinodorus species. Echinodorus 'Aquartica' was developed by Kristian Iversen from the ''Aquartica'' company.

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