Ornamental Aquatic Trades Association's Logo

Grosvenor Tropicals fully endorsees the OATA's policy on the humane  treatment of livestock. We may refuse any sale where we believe that a customer cannot provide a suitable environment for care of that species.

We do not supply Goldfish for use as prizes at Fetes, Fun Fairs or other events.

New Arrivals and Special Offers

Although the majority of fish on display are well known to the fishkeeper there are always a few new or unusual species. As these can sometimes go un-noticed amoungst the more common Guppies, Platies and Tetras we thought it might be helpful to hightlight them as well as our recently introduced special offer "Fish Deal"

The new and more unusual species are listed in the side menu with our current "Fish Deal" below.

Fish Deal

As regular visitors to the shop will know, we are now doing a Fish Deal each week. These are all normal stock of popular species, but buying batches of 5,000 allows us to offer them at greatly reduced prices Many of our livebearers, Tetra and Barbs are buy 5 get 1 free. See tanks for details


If you have an interest in any of these species please call for more details.