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Uromastyx Uromastyx Ocellatus

The Uromastyx, or Spiny Tailed Lizard is found throughout the arid regions of North Africa and the Middle East. There are several species, but the one most often for sale in the pet trade, Uromastyx ocellatus, is native to Egypt and Sudan. It is one of the smaller species, typically growing to about 14”  It is also one of the most brightly coloured, intelligent (for a reptile that is), and easiest tamed.

As a desert dwelling reptile they like a hot dry climate and love to bask under a heat lamp.  Uromastyx are omnivorous lizards though a majority of their diet consists of vegetables and dark leafy greens with only occasional insects.  Great if you don’t like feeding insects. They are also long lived and with proper care can live 30—35 years.


Unlike some lizards, Uromastyx are very active, especially when kept in the right conditions, so give them as much space as is practical. A typical cage size should be around 4 lengths of an adult lizard, about 4’ x 2’ x 2’ would be ideal for a single adult or a pair. As desert creatures they like it dry with very little humidity and it is important that their vivarium should recreate this environment as closely as possible. It is vital to ensure adequate ventilation as too much humidity for these desert animals can be harmful.

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Uromastyx Ocellatus
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