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Anole Anolis Carolinensis

Anoles, as their scientific name (Anolis Carolinensis) suggests are found throughout the southern USA and the Bahamas. Sometimes also called American chameleons, and although they are not true chameleons they can do a colour change from green to brown, especially when stressed,

Adult length is around 8 inches (including tail) and average life span in captivity is about 4 years. Males are larger than females and have a large dewlap (flap of skin) on the throat that is used in behavioural displays.  They are reasonably easy to care for if you set up a proper tank, but can be stressed by handling, and will drop their tail if grabbed by it.


Active during the day, they like it warm and very humid. Anoles can be housed in a fairly small tank - a 10 gallon is sufficient for a single anole, or perhaps a pair. Larger is better, and if housing multiple anoles, lots of space is necessary. You should only keep one male anole per tank. Females will get along fine, as long as the tank is roomy enough and there plenty of basking spots and places to hide. A secure fitted lid is necessary.


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