Our Sturgeon Pond

So, have you got it yet?

Calculating Pond Size

Which, it just so happens, works in well with the size of the standard 8M liner roll, (width (3.3M) + twice the depth (4M) = 7.3M, leaving 30cm overlap each side), and at 16M long, (length (9M) + twice the depth (4M) + 50cm overlap each end), is just about as heavy as two men can manoeuvre.

With everything worked out to the minutest detail we fired up the digger and set about making a hole

Work on the Sturgeon Pond


To many water is simply the clear liquid that comes out of our taps, and is clean or dirty, hot or cold.

To Fish Keepers however, and to the fish that live in it, it's so much more.

Take the time to understand the what your fish expect from their water, how to test it and what to do if its not as required!


Surely the single most important element of successful fish keeping, and one of the more subjective.

"Water Quality" is often determined by species and it is vital to understand what "Your Fish" expect!