Working Smoothly

Kuhaku Koi

Kept in ideal conditions the fish settle quickly and are less stressed. As a result they are healthier and less prone to infection from the hoards of pathogens they will eventually meet when they begin life in their new ponds.

As with the tropical section, the cold water unit has been a great success. All those untested and unproved theories have actually worked. True, we do have over 30 years experience in this field, but its still a relief to know that the new technology such are solar panels and energy conservation help make a successful operation.

Indeed the operation has been so successful that we have been able to extend the Tropical Marine and Invertebrate section to incorporate curing facilities capable of processing up to 500Kg of 'Live Rock at any given time. Great news for our customers who now get fully cured rock, but still only pay uncured prices.

We believe it is this, combined with the consistently high quality of our livestock, that has fuelled the tremendous growth in Marine fish keeping in the province over the last year. Such is the local interest in Marine's that we are current constructing a completely new Marine unit close to our existing buildings. The holding tanks have already been installed and will see their first inhabitants by early July 2008, and possibly another update on the web.

Sturgeon Pond

New imports being banned for several years, Sturgeon are have again "resurfaced" in Northern Ireland, (sorry about the bad pun), with several species new to the pond market. Most notable are the true Diamondback and the Atlantic, both of which can grow quite big. To facilitate these larger species we have just completed construction of a new 60,000L holding pond, the details of which can be found on the next page.


To many water is simply the clear liquid that comes out of our taps, and is clean or dirty, hot or cold.

To Fish Keepers however, and to the fish that live in it, it's so much more.

Take the time to understand the what your fish expect from their water, how to test it and what to do if its not as required!


Surely the single most important element of successful fish keeping, and one of the more subjective.

"Water Quality" is often determined by species and it is vital to understand what "Your Fish" expect!