Up and Running

June 2008

When we posted the previous photograph in June 2007 many of the services like the under floor heating were still being installed and the arrival of the first inmates was still some way off. Today, after almost a year in operation, we are happy to report that the facility is proving to be everything we could have hoped for. All the systems, which were then unproven, are all operating as designed ,and we estimate that around 40,000 fish have already passed through the facility.

As promised we have some more photographs, as well as some explanation of how the systems and the facility operate.

View of Fish House
View of Fish House

These photographs show the two main corridors which run the length of the tropical house. The strange ripple effect on the roof is the high efficiency insulation which has been sprayed onto the walls and ceiling. Manufactured in Canada, where they know a thing or two about insulation, this 200mm layer retains 99.99% of the heat within the room, (even it it does look a little like Santa's Grotto).


All fish keepers face problems at some time in their career, and the search for answers can be so frustrating, if only there was someone you could ask!

Well there is.. Ask us!

In almost 50 years we've seen most problems, and we,re still here so we must have managed to solve them, and are happy to pass on our experience and techniques to all who ask.

Start by visiting the shop with a water sample, and if possible a few photo's and notes, the more information the better.


Surely the single most important element of successful fish keeping, and one of the more subjective.

"Water Quality" is often determined by species and it is vital to understand what "Your Fish" expect!