Construction Underway

May 2007

The picture below shows the massive Tropical House complete with its under-floor heating pipes in preparation for the laying of the concrete. Once the floor has been laid the entire building will be sprayed with high efficiency insulation several inches thick. This, combined with quad glazed windows, will reduce heat loss to an incredibly small amount.

Underfloor heating pipes

Tropical House Under-floor Heating.

Once operational, quarantine procedures will limit access to the complex with only the Livestock Manager and his staff allowed inside. However before that happens, we thought you might like a little peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Over the next few months our web site will be showing updates on the project with some rare photographs of the working of the facility

June 2007

Since the above photo was taken things have moved on apace. The building work is all completed and the services are online. The Solar panels are installed and the under floor heating systems are operational. All the tanks are on-site and ready for the final plumbing while the Coldwater house is now dominated by the 12 giant vats which will house the larger coldwater species, (perhaps we could make a few extra quid by hiring them out for swimming competitions?). By the end of the month we will have the filter systems operational, and hopefully a few more pictures to let you see how things are progressing.


To many water is simply the clear liquid that comes out of our taps, and is clean or dirty, hot or cold.

To Fish Keepers however, and to the fish that live in it, it's so much more.

Take the time to understand the what your fish expect from their water, how to test it and what to do if its not as required!


Surely the single most important element of successful fish keeping, and one of the more subjective.

"Water Quality" is often determined by species and it is vital to understand what "Your Fish" expect!