Our Quarantine Centre

For over 40 years Grosvenor Tropicals has been renowned for the quality of its livestock, and this is due in no small way to the work which goes on behind the scenes in our quarantine centre. Once considered more than a little eccentric, (it certainly was when we started), the concept of a purpose built quarantine facility is now accepted best practice throughout the industry and an integral part of our livestock husbandry.

Photograph of the general 
            shop interior

Moving to the new store in Lisburn, saw the volume of livestock passing through the shop increase to such an extent that we had to expand our support facilities to cope with demand. To achieve this we considered several options before eventually deciding to design and build a completely new state-of-the-art complex more convenient to our new store.

Within days we were overwhelmed with curious customers and individuals asking for details, and all voicing the same question ... "how do you go about looking after hundreds of tanks, thousands of species and tens of thousands of individual fish?"

In response to your interest we decided to post this commentary on how things progressed and hope it will give you some insight as to how some of the processes and equipment work, and through photographs, a glimpse of the complex in operation.

April 2007

Less than a year since the opening of our Lisburn superstore and our second major investment in the city was nearing complication. Contractors were on schedule to finish construction in a few weeks, leaving a handful of technicians to commission the systems which would make this the most modern facility of its kind anywhere in Europe. When the facility came on-line later in the year the inhabitants were able to enjoy every luxury a fish could ask for. Fully automated systems to cater for their every need and ensure that they were maintained in the optimum environment for their health and well being. Even the fish keeper's least favourite chore, water changing, has been automated, with each of the tanks receiving a daily water change of between 5% - 10% appropriate to its inhabitants.

Photograph of Solar Panels

As to greener issues! the site has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible with maximum energy conservation as well as the use of renewable sources such as solar heating. Our eventual aim is to make this facility almost entirely self-sufficient.


All fish keepers face problems at some time in their career, and the search for answers can be so frustrating, if only there was someone you could ask!

Well there is.. Ask us!

In almost 50 years we've seen most problems, and we,re still here so we must have managed to solve them, and are happy to pass on our experience and techniques to all who ask.

Start by visiting the shop with a water sample, and if possible a few photo's and notes, the more information the better.


Surely the single most important element of successful fish keeping, and one of the more subjective.

"Water Quality" is often determined by species and it is vital to understand what "Your Fish" expect!