About our new site

How time fly's when you enjoying yourself, only 8 years since the last major overhaul of our website and we're at it again. This time however its technology and the internet it's self which forces our hand. In less then a decade Smart Phones and Tablets have revolutionized the way in which consumers access the web and today around half of all visits to our site are from mobile devices.

Responsive Design

If you got here on a desktop computer you'll notice little difference, but mobile users have a whole new experience with layouts and sizes customized to their particular device, so no more squinting to read small text or struggling to tap minute buttons to navigate pages.

As the name suggests the web site responds to the user's device to present the content in the best possible format. Text remains at a readable size and graphics are scaled to the devices resolution. Best of all for phone users, the amount of data is dramatically reduced and the pages load faster, even on slow connections.

And the downside of all this?

None, except for our poor webmaster who has to re-program all the pages to suit the new format. Not only has technology advanced, so has the software used to browse the World Wide Web and many of the programming techniques which were in Vogue 8 years ago are now outdated, or indeed positivity frowned upon.

Our new site is written in HTML5 and CSS3, with action scripts in "Java script", fully validates to W3C guidelines and is cross-browser compatible.

At this time we are working from the "Front End" converting pages and sections as we go, but with more than 800 pages it will take us a little time to complete. However older pages are still active and users can still browse our entire site while the work progresses.


  • Planning a new aquarium, or just an update to an existing set-up? We can help with everything from delivery right through to a complete set-up.

    Not only do we pre-wash your chosen sand or gravel, we even bring our own prepared water to make sure everything gets off to a great start.


    Grosvenor Tropicals is pleased to recommend 'Running Waters' for all your pond servicing needs. For pond service only: Contact Sam on 077 7292 8953

    Pond Servicing