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From humble beginnings in a converted terrace house in East Belfast over 40 years ago, Grosvernor Tropical's is now the largest independent importer of Tropical, Marine and Coldwater fish in Ireland with suppliers across Europe, Asia and the Far East, and currently employ more than a dozen full and part-time staff at our Lisburn Superstore.

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Our nearby quarantine facility is the only one of its kind in Ireland providing facilities for not only Tropical and Coldwater species, but also for Marine, Corals and Invertebrates.

Behind the scenes there are hundreds of tanks holding tens of thousands of fish; all monitored for health and quality before they are offered for sale. Koi and other Fancies arriving from across the globe enjoy the luxury of large heated ponds while recuperating from their long and arduous journeys. When the fish do meet their perspective owners they are all healthy and rested, and fully acclimatized to local food and water conditions.

And the secret of our success? Well perhaps it has something to do with the quality of our fish, and the enthusiasm of our staff. For without exception, everyone in the company is an active fish keeper. Not only that, they are happy to pass on their knowledge and experience to anyone who asks. Surely that's what the hobby is all about.


  • Planning a new aquarium, or just an update to an existing set-up? We can help with everything from delivery right through to a complete set-up.

    Not only do we pre-wash your chosen sand or gravel, we even bring our own prepared water to make sure everything gets off to a great start.


    Grosvenor Tropicals is pleased to recommend 'Running Waters' for all your pond servicing needs. For pond service only: Contact Sam on 077 7292 8953

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