Installation and Maintenance


Boyu Zumbo Marine Aquarium

If the thought of installing and setting up your new aquarium is of concern then let us deliver and install your new tank for you with the minimum of fuss.

Everything is taken care off, from the fully assembled cabinet to the pre-washed gravel. We even bring our own purified water to fill the aquarium.

For Marine systems we will deliver and arrange the live rock and install the skimmer together with any other ancillary equipment and fill the aquarium with Salt water from our own holding tanks.

For existing setups Grosvenor Tropical's Maintenance is a flexible and expert service to customers to who are unable to undertake routine aquarium servicing themselves.


This can on a long or short term basis to suit your individual requirements. There are no fixed term contracts, and equally, no punitive cancellation clauses.

As well as Tropical and Marine systems we can also maintain Cold water aquariums and ponds with servicing tailored to the customers individual requirements

All work is carried out by experienced aquarists who can often recognize potential water quality and fish health issues in the very early stages, and can advise on remedial action before major problems arise.

For more details and pricing call to discuss you specific requirements.