About our new site

If you have arrived here then you have seen the new site, at least what there is of it thus far, and are probably asking the same question as most, "Why?, and How?.

The why is because there were a few things wrong with the old site. Nothing too dramatic and most people thought it was "OK", but for some it was a little hard on the eyes with it's small text and soft colours. Below the surface, (pardon the pun), it was a little dated in Internet terms with its use of layout tables, and somewhat loose validation, accessibility and cross browser support. (Sorry I should have mentioned this page is best suited to 'techies', 'Geek's' or 'Nerds', or whatever the current buzzword is for computer fans).

Anyhow, back to the subject... The web site was also becoming a little ungainly to manage, stretching as it does to over 800 pages, and if we were going to update it, now was the time before it grew any bigger.

As to the "How"... well if you have no interest in web site editing now might be a good time to click on the top menu and go to one of the other sections.!

When we set about this new site we did have a few guidelines to follow. On the surface the site should be clean and clear, easy to read, gentle on the eye and simple to move around and find whatever it is you are searching for. The pages should also load as fast as possible, no one likes staring at the hour-glass cursor for minutes on end.

On the technical side it must be compliant with W3C Standards for programming and accessibility, as well as supporting all current web browsers. It must also be SEO, (search engine optimised), to reach the widest possible audience. And finally it must be easy to maintain and update.

To achieve these objectives the new site is written in XHTML and fully validates to W3C xhtml1-transitional. All layout elements are CSS (cascading style sheets) and validate to W3C CSS1, and all content conforms to W3C Priority 2, (Double AA), for accessibility.

We are also pleased to say that the visual content appears uniform across all the major web browsers. (Microsoft IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.), so we hope you like it.