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Water FeatureOption A: Simplest of all is the Water Feature, often comes as a complete kit to set in position, (preferably not in full sun), fill with water and plug-in. 

Op's, sorry, did no one mention the need for an electrical supply?  This is something that is often forgotten until the last minute when an extension lead is produced from the garden shed, just as a temporary measure of course. Unfortunately temporary measures have a nasty habit of growing into permanent fixtures, not too serious if its only great Aunt Bertha's best china bowl used as a flowerpot, but electricity and water is a very different animal. 

Always get a proper electrical supply installed by a competent electrician and fitted with a RCD, (circuit breaker which will shutoff the electricity at the first sign of trouble). 


Wildlife PondOption B: The Wildlife Pond requires a little more thought.  It can be fitted with a pump and filter, but many prefer to go "Au Natural" and use nature itself to keep the water crystal clear and healthy.  If this is your chosen method then sighting the pond becomes a critical issue.  To much Sun and it will be difficult to prevent Algae, close overhanging cover and the pool will be choked with leaves in the Autumn.  

Without the aid of a biological filter system the pool will have to develop it's own. This will happen quite naturally, but does take a little time, even up to a couple of years. It is possible to keep a few small fish in such a pond and there should be sufficient natural food for light stocking levels It will however have a much smaller tolerance than a pumped filter system, so great care must be taken when adding additional food so as not to upset the delicate balance..

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Koi and Goldfish in a Garden Pond