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Thinking about Ponds

Ponds, good ones that is, are a real asset to any garden. Badly designed or maintained ones are an absolute nightmare and usually end up getting filled in or covered over. So here's how to get it right..!

What do you want a pond for?   This is perhaps the most important question of all, and often quite difficult to answer so close to the start of the project.  However the answer affects everything you do from now, on so lets look at some options.

Wildlife PondA.    A Water Feature to create some relaxing noise in the garden and a drinking and bathing place for birds and insects.

B.    A Wildlife pool to capture the peace and tranquility of a natural setting and provide a habitat for our native aquatic flora and fauna.

C.   A Fish pond and water feature to bring some movement, colour and sound to the garden and a home to some pet Goldfish.

D.   As C. but on a grander scale, perhaps with a mixture of Goldfish and Koi and a focal point of the garden or patio.

E.   A Koi pond, its primary purpose to house and care for Koi Carp.  It may well be an excellent feature and focal point in the garden, but its main purpose is the welfare of the predominately Koi inhabitants.

Like many things in life it is seldom as clear-cut as above, and in reality many garden ponds combine more than one of the features listed above.  However as we move onto the actual design the 'purpose' of the pond greatly affects not only the construction method and location, but also the costs involved.

Koi and Goldfish in a Garden Pond