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Much of the material in this section has been prepared specifically for this web-site or is already freely available elsewhere in the Internet.  Where we have included material from other sources we acknowledge that copyright remains with the original author. 

Ponds and Pools

Today Ponds and Garden Pools are becoming almost as popular as home aquariums, and creating some of the same difficulties for their owners.  Fortunately many of the skills and techniques which keep or tanks clean and healthy work equally well for ponds.  There are some new tricks to be learned, but if you've gotten this far you should be able to cope just fine,  and besides, in the following pages we'll give you all the help we can. 

We have laid out this section in a logical order from concept right through to routine maintenance, so if you've already got a pond up and running you can skip to the relevant section.  If you are still at the 'thinking about it.!' stage, then you will find a wealth of information on everything from design and building right through to maintenance and running costs.  Particularly useful because it comes not from Paper Experts, but from real pond builders and owners.

So if you've a 20 gallon water feature, or a 2 acre lake, this is the section for you.  It is possible to have a clean, healthy and easily maintained pond, and this is the section to help you achieve it.





Koi and Goldfish in a Garden Pond