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My Pond,  "101 jobs to be done.."

Concrete is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. With this in mind we covered the leveled mixture with polythene to stop it drying out too quickly and cracking, and looked around for other jobs to keep us busy for a couple of weeks.

One of the additions I wanted to add to the filtration system was a primary 'slow water' settlement chamber.  Basically just a tank where the water moves at a very slow pace and allows heavier particles to sink to the bottom.  Water leaving the chamber is drawn from mid-water so as not to disturb the sediment.  In order to work the water level in this chamber must be the same level as the pond, so it was necessary to dig down about 1.5M until the top of the tank was at ground level.

 You can see here the the water level in the tank.  You can also see the Nexus filter sitting on its concrete base. When full the Nexus holds around 900L, and as every schoolboy knows, a Litre of water weights 1 Kg, not the sort of thing you can just plonk down anywhere.

To provide for ease of maintenance I would arrange for this chamber to 'Flush' just like a toilet, with all the heavy waste going straight into the sewer, (left-hand pipe in the picture below).   As an added service aid I would also fit a auto top-up system to this chamber, (Blue Pipe).  In addition I would also have 2 x 100mm feed pipes from the pond, complete with 100mm slide valves, (bottom centre), and a 50mm pumped feed to the Nexus, so things were about to get a little crowded.