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My Pond,  "Let Battle commence.."

My month of secret planning had already sourced the 300 gallon tanks which I would use as the filter system, and the first two arrived early the following week.  Mum was livid and telephoned Jody to come over to the house and talk some sense into her father. I must admit even I was a little taken aback by the size of the tanks, its one thing to see them from afar, it totally different when they are sitting in your driveway.  During the next few days Jody and Mum spoke, (conspired is probably a better word), with Michael to persuade him to intervene, and by the end of the week a compromise was reached.  Jody, Mum and Michael would buy me a proper filter system if I agreed not to totally destroy the garden with my harebrained schemes.  The proposed filter was to be a 'NEXUS', manufactured by Evolution Aqua and rated at about 8,500 gallons when used for Koi.  Further discussions and it was agreed that I could add some additional filtration to extend its capabilities to around 10,000 gallons, but only if I reduced the size of the pond accordingly.   Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I quickly did some calculations and resized the pond to a more moderate 23' x 19' x 4' deep,  10,925 gallons. Allowing about 10% for the rounded corners the pond would fill at about 10,000 even.

Easter week, and calm restored, Michael and I set about digging the trench which would eventually form the concrete collar around the top edge of the pond.  Marked out using a garden hose the trench was dug 400mm wide and 400mm deep and lined with polyester underlay to mask any sharp stones. The soil, about 6.5 tonne of it, was loaded into a builders skip and taken away before the concrete was due to arrive.   I ordered 4 Cu metre of ready-mix and parked a series of wheelbarrows at the end of the driveway in anticipation of its arrival.  Sure enough, 08:30 the next morning it arrived.  I have led a somewhat sheltered life when it comes to the more physical side of the construction work. I knew Concrete was heavy, 2500Kg per Cu Metre to be precise, but I had never tried to move a wheelbarrow full of it before. I really did think that the lorry driver was having a laugh when he filled my barrow for the first time.  I simply could not move it.   In the end I moved about a dozen half-filled barrows, while Michael and the Driver's teenage Son, who was off school for the holidays, tipped around 10 tonne of sloppy wet concrete into the trench which we had created.